Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week in the Life - Day Three

I have to thank my friend Chelsea (photoshop princess) for giving me a crash course session in photoshop. I spent over three hours the other night trying to figure some things out with no luck. She spent ten minutes with me and taught me so much. 

Sunday, October 12th:

"Is it church day?" This is Reagen's question every Sunday morning. Church doesn't start until 11:00 so we get to sleep in and still have plenty of time to get ready for church. Somehow, though, when it's five minutes 'til, we always have someone that hasn't combed their hair, brushed their teeth, or put their shoes on. We usually end up walking in a few minutes late. I am currently the secretary in the Primary and I love the job. After church, Mike took Dal to do his fast offerings. He's covering his chin because he's got a couple little pimples...bring on the teen years. Usually, on Sunday we have some type of roast, potatoes, gravy, corn, rice-a-roni, and rolls. Today, we totally went in the opposite direction and made pigs in a blanket. It was a nice change and the kids thought it was great.

After we ate, Michaela showed us a really cool thing on you tube. You put headphones on and listen to a virtual barber shop. It is so awesome, if you close your eyes, you feel just like you are getting a hair cut because of the 3D sounds. Get on and try it. Reag was so cute listening with her little eyes shut the whole time, and yes, that is ketchup on her face from the pigs in a blanket. Red reader books are due on Monday so we read through the books again. Dal decided he wanted to make cookies, but somehow I ended up making them. Funny how that works. That was about it for the day. Another weekend gone.


Heather said...

I love reading your day in the life. about the pedometer YES we do like feeling bad about ourselves! Its the women in us! Just keep wearing it!