Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Summer is in full swing, except for all the rain that we've had. It actually feels like it's in fast forward without a pause button. I used to think that summer flew by when I was in school and now it's just ridiculous how fast time skips by. We've been trying to do a lot of fun things with the kids while they're out of school and I have to admit I haven't been very good at taking the camera along which was nice at the time, but makes it kind of hard to blog about it. 

Me and some good friends started summer early with an escape to St. George in May. We always have the time of our lives when we are together and this was no exception. We sat around the pool (I know you are just dying to see those pics, but way), watched movies, ate yummy food, laughed too much, and went to a day spa and got a 70 minute pedicure. My little piggies had never been treated so well. They used a chocolate hot paraffin wax to soften our feet and I can honestly say I could have licked my feet, it smelled so good. Holy cow.
A couple events where the camera was absent was the Deseret Peak Rodeo. It was a lot funner than I expected and made me reminisce about my cowboy boot days. I did snap a few pics with my camera but I am nowhere close to being computer literate enough to know how to get pics from my phone to the computer.

We also spent four nights in Park City at my friend's time share. She couldn't stay the whole time and was nice enough to offer it to us. The weather was pretty crappy, but we had one nice day and we spent the whole day riding the Alpine Slide and Coaster. We had never been on the coaster and it so much fun. I was laughing all the way down the mountain. Again, no camera to prove we were there.

I did take the camera with me to Cedar City last weekend for the Summer Games. The kids wanted to try track this year and we all loved it. They got to run on SUU's track. D & M both ran the 100 meter dash, D ran the mile and M ran the 4x100 relay with some girls she met down there. This is definitely something we'll be doing next year.

After the prelims on Friday, some of our friends invited us over the KOA where they were staying to ride these pedal go-carts. 
Reagen was about a foot too short to reach the pedals but she was bound and determined she was going to ride them. We wadded up M's hoodie and stuck it behind her and then we'd push her down a hill to get going. She was fine until she turned to come back up the hill and then me or M would have to go push her back up the hill. She finally let me take her for a ride and it was quite a sight. They are meant for one person, but we sat her on my thighs and she bobbed up and down as I pedalled. I was laughing so hard, I almost crashed. 

Tae kwon do was going on at the same time so as soon as the kids finished running on Saturday, they both went to the middle school to fight. This is Michaela in the red helmet. I missed Dal's fight because I was waiting for M to finish running. He had just finished running the mile and his legs were noodles. He wasn't too sure about going and sparring. He ended up having one of his best fights. I think he was too tired to get nervous and tight. We told him we're going to make him run a mile before every fight. He didn't think that was too funny.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Man, it's really hard to blog when you haven't done it in ages. Life speeds by so fast and the thought of getting it all documented is a little overwhelming. I'll just try and be brief (yeah, right) and get some pics of some of the things I've missed lately.

Reagen and Michaela started and finished fun soccer seasons.

Reagen is no longer the only five year old in town still sporting training wheels on her bike. It's funny how with the last kid your in less of a hurry for them to grow up.
Two school programs. Dancing through Kindergarten.
I love America 5th Grade Program. Yes, this was months ago, but it never got documented.
Reagen had her first ever trip to Build-A-Bear. This may not be a big deal to most of you, but she counted down the days with so much excitement. When I first told her that she got to go, she told me the next day when she woke up that she smiled all night because she gets to go to Build-A-Bear.

This girl got her braces on May 6th. Her teeth have already moved quite a bit. Making room for those two snaggle teeth that are hiding above.
She also had a birthday and turned eleven and we of course had to make her earn those presents. She acts a lot older than she is and is so easy to be around. I'm trying to enjoy these moments before she hits those teen years. I love this girlie.

I had a birthday too and look at us dorky dorks with our 3-D glasses on waiting for Aliens vs. Monsters. I think I deserve some type of award for letting the kids pick the movie on my b-day.

That's just a small percentage of what's been going on in our lives and I don't have time right now to get everything down, but since I've had a few emails wondering if I had dropped off the face of the earth (thanks Keysha and Chelsea), I thought I'd better get something posted out here. I'm failing miserably at documenting our lives and I'll try to do better.