Sunday, June 22, 2008

Skip this post if you are sick of hearing about TKD.

This is all the kids from our school that competed that day.
This is Michaela, she has the blue helmet.
Dallon had two fights and beat both kids. After the first fight he really had to go to the bathroom, but he didn't dare leave because he had another fight. We were hoping his black belt wasn't going to become a yellow belt! Dal is in the blue helmet.
Michaela in her new Summer Games t-shirt.
It was a long day and we didn't get a hotel to try and save a few bucks so we headed out for home. We were just about to enter Tooele County and all of a sudden there were these flashing lights coming towards, it wasn't a flying saucer, but we sure would have been happier to see an alien walking towards our car than that dang officer. So much for saving money that day! I couldn't tease Mike too much because I was the one telling him to quit driving so slow...dang.

Have you ever watched a four year old say a prayer?

Reagen is always the first to volunteer whenever I ask who wants to say the prayer. If she doesn't volunteer, Dal or Kayla gladly volunteer her so she says at least 80% of the family prayers in this house. This afternoon she blessed the spaghetti before we ate and I took a quick peek at her. There seemed to be some unseen force trying to pry her little eyes open. Her face was scrunched up trying to keep them shut, but it sure looked like a battle. As she blessed the Primary children to "make them listen to their teachers", she rocked her little body back and forth with her arms wrapped around herself like she was giving herself a hug. She kept her head bowed, but her little eyes were peeking around the table and she had a look of deep concentration on that scrunched up face trying to remember everything and everyone she wanted to bless. I will sure miss these four year old prayers when she gets older. 

A cookie made for a king...or maybe a dad.

Dallon made cookies for Mike on Father's Day. He wanted to make him a steak and mashed guys think alike, or what? But since we were out of boxed potatoes and the only steak we had was a little cheap one that had been out in the freezer for a year, I suggested cookies. He went right to work and wouldn't let anyone have one until Mike had the first. They turned out so good and when he got tired of rolling out the little balls of dough, he decided to make the mother (or father) of all cookies and present it to Mike.  I knew he was proud of it, but didn't realize how proud until I was looking through the pictures on my camera and saw this picture he had taken of it. He even put his hand next to the cookie to show how big it actually was. It made me chuckle and also proud of him for wanting to do this on his own. 

Sunday, June 15, 2008

For almost 13 years...

You've been a dad.
You've mourned when the kids went back to school (not).
You've helped them be their best.
You're not a bad looking fellow.
You've helped them when they're sick.
You've taught them about family.
You've been by their side.
You'd travel to the top of the world for them.
You've taught them new skills.
You always make room on the couch for them.
No matter how many there are.
You've always been there on those important days.

Always able to get a smile.

From the very start. Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Check out this website...

Great pictures of stuff in the headlines. I'm not big into watching the news and keeping up on current events, but this sure makes it a little more interesting..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Pictures

I'm going to be taking some family pictures for a friend at this location and I'm a little out of practice so I took the only willing participant in my family and we headed off to the farm...not the funny farm although lately I'd qualify for that.

Look who was watching us in the background, just past the fence post.

The cost to me for her cooperation was a picnic 
on the lawn with graham crackers and frosting. 
A small price to pay, I guess.  :)

UT State Qualifier

The Utah State Qualifier was held in our little town at the high school. The kids travel close to an hour for training three or four times a week and almost always have to leave the state for tournaments, so to have one in our little town was awesome. It's usually held in a college gym, but they were having a hard time finding one available and so Mike mentioned that we'd be able to get our school gym. I think around 75 kids competed. Michaela didn't have anyone in her division so she automatically qualified. An exhibition fight was arranged for her with a 14 year old girl just so she could get more experience. Michaela fought really well and beat her. Michaela is in the blue helmet and chest guard. 
She is doing a back kick here.

This is Dallon. He only had one fight and won. He is in the red with the scary face.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


These are the knees of the fearless one with blond tangled hair and blue eyes. The one that's sporting a chocolate milk mustache right now and a scratch down her cheek from the cat. She runs like the wind, chasing butterflies and dodging the Robin that's protecting it's nest and dive bombing her. She usually has my grace and dexterity (NOT), but she took a spill in the driveway on Sunday night and banged these knobby little knees up pretty good. On Monday, she was having a hard time walking and I thought she was being a little dramatic so I made her try and stand up straight. Her little knees started shaking and then I felt bad for doubting her pain. I'm sure she didn't break anything, but the kneee on the right was a little swollen so I spent the night sitting by her while she watched Charlotte's Web and then we played in Photo Booth and these pictures made her laugh and laugh. Anything for my girl. hee hee