Sunday, June 22, 2008

Skip this post if you are sick of hearing about TKD.

This is all the kids from our school that competed that day.
This is Michaela, she has the blue helmet.
Dallon had two fights and beat both kids. After the first fight he really had to go to the bathroom, but he didn't dare leave because he had another fight. We were hoping his black belt wasn't going to become a yellow belt! Dal is in the blue helmet.
Michaela in her new Summer Games t-shirt.
It was a long day and we didn't get a hotel to try and save a few bucks so we headed out for home. We were just about to enter Tooele County and all of a sudden there were these flashing lights coming towards, it wasn't a flying saucer, but we sure would have been happier to see an alien walking towards our car than that dang officer. So much for saving money that day! I couldn't tease Mike too much because I was the one telling him to quit driving so slow...dang.


Ashley Baird said...

Okay, so now I am a little bit peeved at the moment. How come you didn't let us know you were coming down to Cedar City???? We would have loved to come and support the kids and watch them literally kick some butt. And don't give me the excuse that we just had a know I was at the park the day I got released from the hospital. Good job Michaela and Dallon. Next time remind your mom and dad to call your relatives to come cheer you on!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

I'm with Ashley..... my first thought was how come you guys didn't let us know. We would have totally come! Good job Kayla and Dal!

Keysha said...

Props to the Didericksen kids!! You guys rock!

Susan said...

Michaela and Dallon - You guys are studs! Mike - Sorry about the ticket, that's what you get for listening to Gail. J/K