Saturday, March 13, 2010

This Week

This past week has been full of adventure.

I was a witness to a very rare occurrence in the Didericksen household. Two kids, one 6 one 14 sitting quietly together playing the x-box. No one told the other that she was annoying or loud and no one complained that he was mean or stinky. It didn’t last for more than a half hour, but it was sure nice while it lasted.

Reagen sparred for the first time on Saturday. She was so cute and we were so proud of her. She made it through a two-hour workout and didn’t complain once. She was like the energizer bunny; she just kept going and going. I thought for sure she’d sleep all the way home, but she came home, ate, showered and then went and played at a friends house.
Dallon decided he won’t become a burglar because the mask is way too hard to remove. He is such a dork and no, he didn’t ask for permission to use my nylons.
She also decided she wanted bangs. My girls have never had bangs (except that one time nana decided to give Michaela bangs when she was two and that did not turn out good).
One of my photography heroes, Tara Whitney, is doing something fun and if she’s doing it I guess I have to do it, right? She is taking one photo of her family per month. Since our last family photo was taken when Reagen was one, I decided that I am totally going to try this. Even if it’s just a shot on the bed in terrible lighting with three sweaty kids and a hairy cat. Even if one of them is sticking her tongue out at the other.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Life has been good. I have been busy with Young Women activities, meetings, meetings, and even more meetings. I had no idea there were so many meetings going on at church until this calling. Holy cow! I'm grateful for all the help I have in this calling and I found out that it won't actually kill me like I thought. Life goes on.

Mike had a birthday and we celebrated with family at Applebee's. He's been working quite a bit at the post office, which has been a blessing. He really likes it and gets to hear all the town gossip first hand from the little ladies that work there.

I had my first experience (that I remember) with laughing gas. Because I didn't want to get numbed, the dentist must have thought I needed to be really relaxed because he jacked up the gas to extra high. I had no idea if my mouth was even open. At one point I could not open my eyes although I was awake, I think. I kept telling myself I was still in control because I could tap my finger, but I think I was past knowing what the crap I was doing. That was some weird stuff.

Michaela has 6th grade maturation this week. She doesn't want me to go because I didn't make it "fun" last year. I asked her how I could have made it fun and she told me that I could have told her that maturation was all a lie. She gets asked every once in a while to be a body guard to someone that's been picked on. You'd never know looking at her sweet little face that she can kick the crap out of the bully on the bus.

We meet with Dallon's school counselor Friday to plan his high school classes. I'm so not ready to have a kid in high school. He's already moody, onery, and annoying. That's my job.

Reagen started taking TKD a couple weeks ago and she loves it. (I know, all I need is another kid in TKD) She's doing great in school and gets 100% on her spelling every week despite us forgetting to practice the words. She's very social and thinks she has to call a friend over to play every day. She informed me tonight that she is getting bangs. She's always has been the rebel. I have no idea why this is underlined, but I don't care enough to try and change it. :)


Wednesday, February 10th, we headed for Vegas. Dal and Kayla were competing in the US Open in tkd. Here are a few highlights from the week.

Reagen was sick the whole week before with stomach flu. I was sure she just psyched herself out because someone at school threw up right by her and she gets super freaked out about anyone throwing up. She was sure to tell me "I told you so!" when she started throwing up herself.

Our washing machine went kaput the day before we were to leave. And doesn't everyone wait until the last day to do laundry and pack? I do.

The ride to Vegas went surprisingly well until we got to Vegas and then the van quit at every red light. Vegas traffic is so fun anyway. The kids didn't fight and I didn't yell. (Of course we all made up for it on the way home.)

The hotel we stayed in had half naked ladies dancing on the tables. Who said the Luxor isn't family friendly? Mike turned it into a learning experience and told Michaela she better get an education or she would end up doing the same. Good advise, hon.

My dad came from Arizona and watched the kids compete for the first time ever. Michaela came home with a silver medal. Dal fought well, but got hit with a headshot in the last round and couldn't make up the points in time. He has only been training for a month so we were super proud of him.

Here's a few pics of the trip.