Sunday, August 15, 2010


My cute baby girl turned seven a few weeks ago. I really shouldn't call her my baby girl, but she always will be. She's my little sweetheart and it's hard to see her grow up. She's a little social butterfly and thinks she needs to play with friends every day. She figures she should be allowed to do anything Dallon and Michaela do. She loves to draw and go to nana's house to eat ice cream. She gets away with more than she should and she's a mama's girl. She's been known to give her dad some lovin' when I'm not around, though.
She was so excited for her birthday.
She got to have a friend party at Ken's Gymnastics. They had a bounce house, obstacle course, balance beams, and lots of other fun stuff, but the big hit was the foam pit.

Yeah for birthdays!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer so far

Call me lame (behind my back, not to my face), but I am having a hard time blogging even once a month lately. This is my sad attempt to catch up on the summer fun we've had so far.

4th of July:
The big highlight of this day was Reagen got to ride on the gymnastic float. She was so excited to get to throw candy. She was even kind enough to share her candy with her fellow float riders. That's big because in this family, we have a hard time sharing our candy.

Believe it or not, Michaela is playing on a girls soccer team. She is absolutely loving it. They have played in two tournaments this summer, taking 2nd place in both.

Girls Camp and Youth Conference:
We had girls camp and youth conference back to back weeks in July. Do I get an award for that? We actually had a lot of fun playing at the lake, watching girls flip their canoes, and riding the zip line. We went to a camp in Heber and it was beautiful.

We went to Schofield Resevoir for Youth Conference. We stayed in a cabin and the kids impressed me how well they got along. We rode four wheelers and played at the lake. Note to self - don't ride the four wheeler in the dust when you are wet from the lake. It wasn't pretty.

Last, but not least, Debbie had a fun family water day at her house. All her kids and grandkids were there. She rented this big water slide and we made our own slip and slide.

Steve fractured some ribs on this attempt. I'm not kidding.

Welcome to the family

Introducing the newest members of the family.

Dallon recently became fascinated(obsessed)with birds. He spent hours on the computer looking at different birds. He asked if he could have a bird. We told him that if he could pay for it, he could get one. We didn't think he had any money so that was a good answer. Well, he had money hidden away from his birthday last year. That put us in an awkward position. We had to let him buy a dang bird. He went with a love bird. Right away this love bird seemed lonely. They are love birds so I guess they need someone to love on. I don't know what we were thinking, but we told him he could get another bird so Zorro wouldn't be lonely. I don't know how it happened, but we ended up with a total of three birds. That lasted about 48 hours and then there was the incident in the backyard with the tom cat (don't ask because I'll probably cry). Anyhoo, we now have two birds and we know that we can't let them glide around in the back yard...lesson learned. This is one of the birds and Zorro is in the nesting box and wouldn't come out for his/her picture.
The kids must be wearing us down because we also decided to get a kitty. Reagen has been asking for a kitty and so we surprised her for her birthday. This is Mr. Whiskers. He is so cute and playful.
He is a little bit crazy, too, but that helps him fit right into this family.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Run Forest, Run!

We have enjoyed some track and field this summer. The girls ran in the Hershey meet in Salt Lake. Yes, Reagen is wearing jeans and converse tennis shoes. We didn't know that she was old enough to compete, but when we got there they let us sign her up. She was looking quite hillbilly compared to everyone in their track shoes and little running shorts. Despite the great running gear she was in, she took 2nd place in the 50 and 3rd place in the 100.

Michaela placed in the 100 and 200. She took first in one and 2nd in the other, but I can't remember which was which.
At the end of June, we travelled to Cedar City for the Summer Games. Reagen had caught the "run as fast as you can" bug and was so excited to get to race again. This time we even let her wear shorts and regular tennis shoes.
Dallon ran the 200 and this is him at the starting line of the 400. He and some friends also ran the 4x100 relay. They got disqualified because they stepped out of the hand off area, but they would have smashed the current record. The four of them did set a new district record for our county at the Jr High track meet. I can't wait to see them run in high school.
Remember when I had legs like this? Oh yeah, I never did. Dang.

Michaela did great, also. She ran the 100, 200, and the 4x100 relay with some girls she met at the meet. That's what's fun about track, you make so many friends. No one's goal is to kick you in the head or tackle you.
It was a really great, relaxing trip.