Friday, November 21, 2008

Border Warz

Our football season ended with a couple of heartbreaking one point losses, but that wasn't the end of these seventh graders. We got entered into the first annual Border Warz tournament which includes three games against teams you don't play in your normal league. Last Saturday, we played a team from Pocatello, ID and beat them. Last night, the boys got to play Springville in the Rio Tinto Stadium where the Real soccer team plays. They got to use the locker rooms and run out through the tunnel as they announced our team. We had a 6:30 game so they got to play under the lights. We couldn't have asked for a funner, more exciting game. We won   in overtime by one point. The boys were so excited. We were going wild in our seats. This is something the boys will always remember.  This picture is of Mike and Dal walking off the field for half time. It's not easy being the coaches son.

This is the boys after the win. They all huddle together and jump up and down saying something. My tired brain can't even remember what they say right now.
I love to see them get emotional because most of our
 boys don't show their emotions on the field.

This is my favorite picture and my kid isn't even in it. We have twins on the team, Alex and Nick. Nick hurt his knee the last game of the season (he is he one in the front of the pic with levis on and a brace). Alex got to play and Nick cheered from the sidelines. You can see Nick giving Alex a big hug here after the game.

So Busted!

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?  Look closely.  Besides the dust and the sconce not being hung straight, look at the glass holding the little decorative pebbles and candle.  I was vacuuming yesterday and noticed a few little pebbles on the carpet and went to put them back in one of the sconces. I looked at them both to see which one had more so I could even them out and I thought, what the heck. They aren't the same size. About a year ago, the kids broke one of the sconces throwing a ball in the living room and so I had to buy a new one from Home Interiors.  For half a second, I thought, crap, I got the wrong size and never noticed it and all this time they haven't matched.  As I looked a little closer, I noticed that if I turned the glass sconce it had a handle on it just like the little glass mugs I have in my cupboard.  Oh, someone is so busted!  I knew right away it was probably the oldest kid in this house because he is quite ingenious. I started laughing because he was pretty darn smart to use this mug and I could just picture him panicking when it broke and trying to figure out what to use so I wouldn't find out. If he wouldn't have left some of the pebbles on the carpet, I probably never would have noticed it because the handle was facing back so you couldn't see it. I couldn't wait for the kids to get home from school. I knew he had some partners in crime or someone would have tattled by now. When they got home, all at different times, I asked if they had anything to tell me about. Reagen wasted no time telling me that Dallon did it and gave me full details. The other two giggled when I asked them and they realized I knew. I tried to be mean, but I started laughing and then gave them some lecture about how not telling about something is just like lying. I don't know how seriously they took me. As for the mug, I just turned the handle back around and eventually I'll get another sconce or use another mug so I have a matching set up there.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blessing Mix

If you haven't done your visiting teaching this month, I found a cute idea for a "Blessing Mix" that is perfect for November on this blog, a most crafty lady. Actually, my friend Kass found it and shared the goodness with me.  

You need pretzels, bugels, peanuts, candy corn, and orange slices. Mix them up and throw some in a cellophane bag and print up the tag. I think you can read the saying in one of the pictures. If not, let me know and I'll get it to you. name is Gail.

I feel the need to introduce myself. I use to be a blogger, but lately I really suck at it. I can't even seem to squeeze in a "Thankful Thursday". Pretty pathetic.  I wish I could say it's because I've been too busy, but that wouldn't really be the truth and I'm always asking my kids, "Is that the truth?", whenever I think they may be fibbing. I give them the look of death when I say it, like if I look really scary, they'll for sure tell me the truth. Anyway, I just haven't felt the mojo lately. I sit on the couch eating bon bons (not really, it's usually cheesecake) as my need for stretchy pants grows and my chance to write about what my kids are doing while it's still fresh on my brain passes me by.

Football ended and I didn't even post about the last three games. Michaela has become a little career woman and babysits at least a few times a week. Then there's Reagen. The other night when I told her that she needed to bath, she explained to me, "Mom, I don't mind smelling like trash". Priceless. I don't want to forget all these great times so I'm going to do better.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Proud of these three today.

This one for getting up yesterday at 5:30 am to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Not one complaint from him, he was actually excited to go. It may have had something to do with the all you can eat breakfast buffet after, but I'm still proud of him. 

He also got set apart as the Deacon's President today. He's becoming such a young man...still goofy, but a goofy young man.

This one for memorizing her part in the Primary Program and being brave enough to do it.

This one for speaking on family today in the Primary Program. Of course we had to make a deal that the hair could stay in a pony instead of being down. She said if it was down, it would be in the way and she wouldn't be able to see her talk and that would be disaster.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A girl and her cat.

Boo to you.

Amy, Kristin, Michaela, and Reagen.
My little vampire. She said that next year she wants to be a cheerleader. (Yeah!)
There's a long story behind this, but the condensed version is
that this was pretty much a dare. I never dreamed as I pulled old 
costumes out of the bin, that he'd actually wear them. The belly
shirt is from when he was a ninja at age 4, the red furry cuffs are from 
a lady bug costume and his hair piece is from a Spiderella costume, 
and to top it off, a pirate robe. This is soooo not Dallon. I guess that ended
up being the not so short version of the story.