Friday, November 21, 2008

Border Warz

Our football season ended with a couple of heartbreaking one point losses, but that wasn't the end of these seventh graders. We got entered into the first annual Border Warz tournament which includes three games against teams you don't play in your normal league. Last Saturday, we played a team from Pocatello, ID and beat them. Last night, the boys got to play Springville in the Rio Tinto Stadium where the Real soccer team plays. They got to use the locker rooms and run out through the tunnel as they announced our team. We had a 6:30 game so they got to play under the lights. We couldn't have asked for a funner, more exciting game. We won   in overtime by one point. The boys were so excited. We were going wild in our seats. This is something the boys will always remember.  This picture is of Mike and Dal walking off the field for half time. It's not easy being the coaches son.

This is the boys after the win. They all huddle together and jump up and down saying something. My tired brain can't even remember what they say right now.
I love to see them get emotional because most of our
 boys don't show their emotions on the field.

This is my favorite picture and my kid isn't even in it. We have twins on the team, Alex and Nick. Nick hurt his knee the last game of the season (he is he one in the front of the pic with levis on and a brace). Alex got to play and Nick cheered from the sidelines. You can see Nick giving Alex a big hug here after the game.


Keysha said...

Thank you for being a 'good mom' and taking pictures. You have documented more BIG moments in my kids life than I have! It was a wonderful game...and a wonderful night. It was fun being in the stands! It reminded us all why we love our team..and why we love football.