Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spring Stuff

I'm playing catch-up today trying to get some of our crazy life recorded before I forget it. Reagen is now missing two front teeth and two bottom teeth. I guess I need to take more pictures, too, because this one's now outdated.
School is now out, but we had lots of "fun" projects during the end of the year. Dallon had to draw up a house plan and then construct walls from cardboard. I was impressed with all the work he put into it. He spent hours measuring, cutting, and gluing.
Michaela had to get this solar system done when I was out of town. I thought for sure it wouldn't happen, but Mike helped her finish it up. Except for the Modge Podge incident (spilled all over the table chair, and floor), there were no problems and it turned out awesome. I guess everyone can survive when I'm not there. Who knew?
Soccer is now over, but we spent several nights a week watching this girl play hard.

And others just played. This is called see how long you can stand on the ball before someone kicks it out from under you.
When it was too cold for soccer, which has been most of the time, there's a lot of this going on. Reagen found Michaela's old Magic Tree House books and loves to read.

We have a lot of stuff planned this summer and hopefully I'll have it posted before Christmas!

mama's day & 5 x 12

What's better than sweet homemade gifts from the kids? Thank goodness for teachers at school and primary teachers that take the time to help the kids make cute mother's day gifts. They melt your heart and make all the crazy days of motherhood so worth it. The little hand-print poem always makes me tear up. A good reminder that there won't always be little hands around making messes and leaving fingerprints on everything.
I didn't get a picture of the family for the month of May, but I got this picture of us with my cute grandma Jane on Mother's Day. She's everything a grandma should be. She never forgets a birthday or anniversary, she is super nice to EVERYONE, and she always has ice cream or cookies to offer to anyone that comes to her house.

Finally Twelve

In April, Michaela finally turned twelve. She had been counting down the days for several months. She invited a few friends to go to "Jump On It" in Lindon. It's a great place for tweens and teens to get out some of that crazy energy they seem to have. Although, based on the ride home with these girls, they still had plenty left over.

Michaela is not doing the birthday dance here, she is actually trying to follow the fishing line that was wrapped around every tree in the yard to lead to her present. She got an ipod touch.

She requested a cake with cherry and chocolate frosting and she's such a
chocolate lover that we decided to add a few extra sweets to it.
Michaela has grown up so much in the last year. Here's a few highlights:
  • She buys her clothes from the girls section now...well, mostly, she still loves the long basketball shorts.
  • She got to graduate from Primary at church and come into Young Women's. I think she was most excited about that.
  • She has so many girlfriends and loves sleep-overs, going to the movies, and playing night games with these friends. She texts like a mad woman keeping in touch with them all.
  • She's a big sweetheart and almost always has a big grin on her face. (there are those moments she's a little pouty, but I guess that comes with the age)
  • She inherited my chocolate gene.
  • She did awesome in school this year and LOVE'S to read.