Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally Twelve

In April, Michaela finally turned twelve. She had been counting down the days for several months. She invited a few friends to go to "Jump On It" in Lindon. It's a great place for tweens and teens to get out some of that crazy energy they seem to have. Although, based on the ride home with these girls, they still had plenty left over.

Michaela is not doing the birthday dance here, she is actually trying to follow the fishing line that was wrapped around every tree in the yard to lead to her present. She got an ipod touch.

She requested a cake with cherry and chocolate frosting and she's such a
chocolate lover that we decided to add a few extra sweets to it.
Michaela has grown up so much in the last year. Here's a few highlights:
  • She buys her clothes from the girls section now...well, mostly, she still loves the long basketball shorts.
  • She got to graduate from Primary at church and come into Young Women's. I think she was most excited about that.
  • She has so many girlfriends and loves sleep-overs, going to the movies, and playing night games with these friends. She texts like a mad woman keeping in touch with them all.
  • She's a big sweetheart and almost always has a big grin on her face. (there are those moments she's a little pouty, but I guess that comes with the age)
  • She inherited my chocolate gene.
  • She did awesome in school this year and LOVE'S to read.