Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Where did August go? It was a busy, fun month that ended way too fast.
Here's a few things that stood out.

Michaela's soccer team took first place in the Adidas Cup
Soccer Tournament. This is a huge tournament in West Jordan.

Can you see the look of joy in their faces as they come through the tunnel?
They were beyond excited after taking 2nd place in two other tournaments this summer.
These girls rock! They played great team ball.
I worked on this little project and turned these 20 year old
end tables into something a little more stylish.

I may have gone a little overboard on the distressing, but it was my first try.
Football is in full swing along with soccer for R & M.
This poor little thing had her tonsils out. She was so brave until they had her dress into the hospital pajamas and then she realized it was really going to happen.
It's amazing how much better you feel after talking to your big sis.
Somehow she got her bravery back. She did great until a week after
surgery. For some reason she started throwing up and scared
the bejeebies out of me. By day 14 she was back to her old self.
We only made it to the reservoir once for fishing and craw-dad hunting.
No luck on either.

It looks like someone may have borrowed my camera for a self portrait.
Love the freckles and the surprised look on her face.