Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Home Sweet Yummy Home

On Saturday, Debbie had all of her grandkids and my kids over to make gingerbread houses. She has made this a fun tradition for the kids. They absolutely love it and they all make their own little masterpieces.

Doesn't Michaela look so excited?
Grammy Deb helping Landon...patience of Job.
Little Lincoln was dressed for the occasion.

Look at the grip on this girl.
Braxton working on the shingles.
I think Ky was sneaking a little frosting. The proof is on his cheek.
Kaeson trying to figure out how to get the frosting on the house instead of his hands.
I think Angie enjoyed this just as much as the kids.
Michaela's finished product.

Reagen's house. You know that I love my girls because I haven't eaten 
their houses and that has taken real will power.


snakeriverwalton said...

yum- it makes me want some candy!

The Ravsten's said...

Gail...I don't know how many years it's been, but you are beautiful and so are your children. Amy found me on facebook. I'm so glad that she did. Happy Holidays. Great to see you are doing well. Emily Anderson-Ravsten

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Looks like the gingerbread houses were a ton of fun! Two years from now Nathan will have a blast! haha :) See you at Christmas!