Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pigskin Tournament

Mike and Dal went to Las Vegas for the Pigskin Tournament over Thanksgiving. This is the fourth year to go, but the first year that we haven't all gone together. Me and the girls stayed here and had the traditional dinner with family, watched lots of movies, and ate lots of pizza and junk food...good times. I'm officially back on my daily fix of Mtn. Dew and I became a brunette. They were the ones in Vegas, but me and the girls were living the wild life. Anyway, they won their first game against San Diego and lost their second game by one point in overtime to Dallas. Here are a couple of pictures that a friend emailed me. The first picture is with Randall Cunningham and no, I have no idea who he is, but Mike said that he will be inducted into the hall of fame eventually.  He also signed Dallon's football, something Dal can treasure for years to come or come home and immediately want to sell on Ebay. No action shots because the girl with the camera was home admiring her Mtn. Dew belly. The second picture is of the team. Dal is #12.


Chris & Chelsea Lewis said...

You crack me up! "The girl with the camera". I am slacking on my blog again, but I plan to blog some of the pictures of us now that I've played around with a few!

snakeriverwalton said...

where is the picture of you as a brunette? I can't wait.