Monday, December 29, 2008


I can't believe it has come and gone. It snuck on me this year, maybe because it was warm right into the beginning of December. In 2009, I am going to start preparing in July, seriously. The house didn't get decorated, the yard didn't have lights, and I was shopping right up to the day. I had a lot of anxiety and next year I'm hoping to avoid that and enjoy the season more. The kids love Christmas and started out the excitement at Debbie's Christmas party on the 19th.  Santa came to make sure everyone had been good. Dallon was a little questionable. He seems to be getting a little of that teen 'tude.

Here are all of the cousins. We are getting to be quite the big, rowdy crowd. Little 
Gabe was having a nap so he's not in the picture.
All though this looks like the seven dwarfs, it is actually the annual 
re-enactment of the manger scene.

The kids slept in until 8:00 Christmas morning. I guess keeping them up late all week paid off. We got a Wii for the family and the kids love it. It is a great workout. Reagen takes her shirt off to box. It is the funniest thing. They're driving the Mario Cart here. Not quite as physical, shirts required.

Is this a happy Christmas morning face, or what?
Reagen wanted Biscuit, the interactive dog that wags his tail and moves his head. I couldn't see paying $159 for Biscuit, when you can get Spots for $30. He doesn't make noise or wag his tail, but we have a cat that lives in the garage that does all that.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


snakeriverwalton said...

It looks like Christmas was great for you guys too. I love Santa's polka dot wrapping paper!

keysha said...

Hey!! You are alive!! I've been wondering where you were hiding! It looks like Christmas was a wonderful event for the Didericksen's!! You need to give me a holler so we can catch up one of these days!!