Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Run Forest, Run!

We have enjoyed some track and field this summer. The girls ran in the Hershey meet in Salt Lake. Yes, Reagen is wearing jeans and converse tennis shoes. We didn't know that she was old enough to compete, but when we got there they let us sign her up. She was looking quite hillbilly compared to everyone in their track shoes and little running shorts. Despite the great running gear she was in, she took 2nd place in the 50 and 3rd place in the 100.

Michaela placed in the 100 and 200. She took first in one and 2nd in the other, but I can't remember which was which.
At the end of June, we travelled to Cedar City for the Summer Games. Reagen had caught the "run as fast as you can" bug and was so excited to get to race again. This time we even let her wear shorts and regular tennis shoes.
Dallon ran the 200 and this is him at the starting line of the 400. He and some friends also ran the 4x100 relay. They got disqualified because they stepped out of the hand off area, but they would have smashed the current record. The four of them did set a new district record for our county at the Jr High track meet. I can't wait to see them run in high school.
Remember when I had legs like this? Oh yeah, I never did. Dang.

Michaela did great, also. She ran the 100, 200, and the 4x100 relay with some girls she met at the meet. That's what's fun about track, you make so many friends. No one's goal is to kick you in the head or tackle you.
It was a really great, relaxing trip.