Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer so far

Call me lame (behind my back, not to my face), but I am having a hard time blogging even once a month lately. This is my sad attempt to catch up on the summer fun we've had so far.

4th of July:
The big highlight of this day was Reagen got to ride on the gymnastic float. She was so excited to get to throw candy. She was even kind enough to share her candy with her fellow float riders. That's big because in this family, we have a hard time sharing our candy.

Believe it or not, Michaela is playing on a girls soccer team. She is absolutely loving it. They have played in two tournaments this summer, taking 2nd place in both.

Girls Camp and Youth Conference:
We had girls camp and youth conference back to back weeks in July. Do I get an award for that? We actually had a lot of fun playing at the lake, watching girls flip their canoes, and riding the zip line. We went to a camp in Heber and it was beautiful.

We went to Schofield Resevoir for Youth Conference. We stayed in a cabin and the kids impressed me how well they got along. We rode four wheelers and played at the lake. Note to self - don't ride the four wheeler in the dust when you are wet from the lake. It wasn't pretty.

Last, but not least, Debbie had a fun family water day at her house. All her kids and grandkids were there. She rented this big water slide and we made our own slip and slide.

Steve fractured some ribs on this attempt. I'm not kidding.


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