Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Wednesday, February 10th, we headed for Vegas. Dal and Kayla were competing in the US Open in tkd. Here are a few highlights from the week.

Reagen was sick the whole week before with stomach flu. I was sure she just psyched herself out because someone at school threw up right by her and she gets super freaked out about anyone throwing up. She was sure to tell me "I told you so!" when she started throwing up herself.

Our washing machine went kaput the day before we were to leave. And doesn't everyone wait until the last day to do laundry and pack? I do.

The ride to Vegas went surprisingly well until we got to Vegas and then the van quit at every red light. Vegas traffic is so fun anyway. The kids didn't fight and I didn't yell. (Of course we all made up for it on the way home.)

The hotel we stayed in had half naked ladies dancing on the tables. Who said the Luxor isn't family friendly? Mike turned it into a learning experience and told Michaela she better get an education or she would end up doing the same. Good advise, hon.

My dad came from Arizona and watched the kids compete for the first time ever. Michaela came home with a silver medal. Dal fought well, but got hit with a headshot in the last round and couldn't make up the points in time. He has only been training for a month so we were super proud of him.

Here's a few pics of the trip.