Saturday, March 13, 2010

This Week

This past week has been full of adventure.

I was a witness to a very rare occurrence in the Didericksen household. Two kids, one 6 one 14 sitting quietly together playing the x-box. No one told the other that she was annoying or loud and no one complained that he was mean or stinky. It didn’t last for more than a half hour, but it was sure nice while it lasted.

Reagen sparred for the first time on Saturday. She was so cute and we were so proud of her. She made it through a two-hour workout and didn’t complain once. She was like the energizer bunny; she just kept going and going. I thought for sure she’d sleep all the way home, but she came home, ate, showered and then went and played at a friends house.
Dallon decided he won’t become a burglar because the mask is way too hard to remove. He is such a dork and no, he didn’t ask for permission to use my nylons.
She also decided she wanted bangs. My girls have never had bangs (except that one time nana decided to give Michaela bangs when she was two and that did not turn out good).
One of my photography heroes, Tara Whitney, is doing something fun and if she’s doing it I guess I have to do it, right? She is taking one photo of her family per month. Since our last family photo was taken when Reagen was one, I decided that I am totally going to try this. Even if it’s just a shot on the bed in terrible lighting with three sweaty kids and a hairy cat. Even if one of them is sticking her tongue out at the other.


Susan said...

Finally got around to reading blogs - it's been a long time for me. I love your posts! You make me laugh. BTW - Tara Whitney has nothing on you!

keysha said...

LOVE the family picture!! You are darling...miss ya tons these days. I hope you're surviving Y.W. (along with everything else!)...we need to catch up one of these days.

Heather Kimber said...

Brennon was looking over my shoulder as I read and said... "thats Dallin for ya" so I guess that says it all! Love the family pic :)