Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Pictures

I'm going to be taking some family pictures for a friend at this location and I'm a little out of practice so I took the only willing participant in my family and we headed off to the farm...not the funny farm although lately I'd qualify for that.

Look who was watching us in the background, just past the fence post.

The cost to me for her cooperation was a picnic 
on the lawn with graham crackers and frosting. 
A small price to pay, I guess.  :)


amywhoever said...

She is such a good sport! She really liked the movie and she was very very good for aunt Amy.

Adrian & Randy said...

Great pictures Gail...what a great location too!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

The pictures look awesome! What a gorgeous little model you have! hehe :)

Susan said...

Tara Whitney has nothing on you! (I'm not kidding!) Your model is beautiful too.

snakeriverwalton said...

I love old wood in photos. you do a great job.

Michelle said...

I'll let you take my picture if I her! I need to have you take a family picture of us