Monday, January 26, 2009

What a week

Or at least half a week since all the fun started on Wednesday and ended on Sunday.

Wednesday was a good day. Dallon was nominated by one of his teachers to be Falcon of the Month (doo doo doo...hear the trumpets sounding). They give this award out not just for academics, but for kids that have shown kindness to others, leadership skills, or have improved somehow. Mike and I got to go down to the junior high library and they had a little program for the kids who were nominated. They read the letters out loud that the teachers had wrote. 

I'll have to admit that I had one of those proud mom moments where you almost cry, but I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of a bunch of jr. high kids so I kept myself under control. I'm getting better at that. The cookies and chocolate milk afterwards topped off a great afternoon.

And then there was Friday.  Glorious 5th Grade Maturation Program at the elementary school. Michaela kept telling me that I really didn't have to go. She said the only reason they invite parents is so that they keep the kids from laughing. Now, my kids live pretty sheltered little lives you have to remember. So do I, so I wanted to see if I could learn something along with Michaela.

They started the video and it was pretty cool and hip and everything until they cut to the drawings of our body parts. I seriously almost bit my tongue off trying not to laugh. You know, one of those nervous laughs that happen at church when you aren't suppose to laugh. 

I would look at Michaela and she would shoot daggers at me. I knew she had no idea before this video about what her little tom-boy body was going to do to her in a year or two. I wasn't going to be the one to tell her and ruin her carefree love of life. 

Finally, it was over and I had to force her to take the little prize bag that they give the girls as they leave. She wanted nothing to do with what was in that bag. As we walked to the car, I asked her if she knew any of this lovely information before today. "No!  They are lying.  That is NOT going to happen to me." (I'm glad she's not showing any signs of denial at this point.) I had to be the bearer of bad news and let her know that yes, it actually is going to happen. When we got in the car, she ripped the beloved prize bag open and threw the winged friends at me and told me that I could have them and she'd keep the deodorant and the granola bar.  These are those bonding moments you look forward to as a mom.  

Now fast forward to Sunday morning, 9:00am.  My little family that tries to be real inconspicuous is sitting up front and center at the pulpit in church. Yes, that's right, we had to speak in church. 

Everyone of us.  

Even Mike.

Yes, I said Mike.

Don't fall off your chair for those of you that know Mike.

It actually went well. Mike did awesome and didn't seem nervous at all up there. Especially since he informed us after, that half way through the talk he got this monster cramp in his left butt cheek.  He had all of his weight on one leg and was just a little tense. He said under normal circumstances, it would have dropped him to the ground. I'm so proud of him!

Reagen wanted to talk about Noah's Ark. Dal and Kayla both wrote their talks on their own. You couldn't hear my knees knocking...I think, so we'll consider it a success.  My friend Kathryn, who besides looking like Miss America, is sooo musically talented, sang a beautiful musical number for us.

It was sure a half a week to remember.


AMY said...

WAY TO GO DAL and I remember that
5th grade embarassing day :-(. I would of loved to of heard you guys talk on Sunday I am glad it went good.

Ashley Baird said...

Oh, my heck!!! What I wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall watching little Michaela in that class. I bet you wished your phone was a video camera don't you? That story just cracked me up. I can't wait myself for that day to come. It that all takes place in the 5th grade, I guess I get to enjoy the male end of it with Kaeson next year. Congrats to Dallon as well. Does he ever do anything wrong?

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Debbie told us tonight that you guys spoke and we couldn't believe that Mike actually spoke. We would have loved to be there. Debbie also said that he had a ton of the people in tears. Good job Mike!

Okay, on to Michaela. Holy crap - Scott and I were laughing so hard. I don't remember it being that devastating, but I guess I had three older sisters. Poor Michaela.. haha :)

Susan said...

I don't know what to say first! Congratulations to Dal for being totally awesome! Congratulations to Michaela for maturing. (I totally remember my own maturation program ... it was awful. I didn't "get it".) And finally, congratulations to all of you for speaking in church and living to tell about it. I'll bet you did great. I would have come out to Grantsville for the big event if I would have known. Now you all need a vacation!

Anonymous said...

I am sitting at work and cracking up. I went through the maturation class with my daughter and it was so funny. I too was hoping I would learn something!HAHlariuos!