Monday, August 24, 2009


A special thing happened last night.  At 9:15 p.m. the house was silent, except for the rustle of an oreo package. The kids were tucked in bed and Mike and I celebrated quietly with cookies and milk because school was starting in the morning.  

It was lovely. No one doing cartwheels in front of the TV (Reagen). No one playing Spore on the computer (Dal). No one eating Grandma Sycamore's bread on the couch (Michaela). Did I mention it was lovely?

First day of school outfits were laid out. Fancy hairdo's were planned. Showers were all taken. It's a night we had been anticipating. We've enjoyed summer break, but these kids are ready to have someone besides us tell them what to do for several hours a day.

Morning came and the kids hopped out of bed and got ready in plenty of time. I quizzed Reagen about her bus number several times until I was sure she'd get home ok. Just to be safe, I wrote it on her hand. We took pictures in front of the house and the kids filled their backpacks with supplies.  

I took Dal first and dropped him off in the back of the school. It's not cool to have your mom walk you in to jr. high.  Michaela and I walked Reagen to her class and she was happy that one of her little friends was just two desks away. Last was Michaela. We made sure she could unlock her combo and then got her to class. 

As I walked back to the car, I thought about our celebration last night. We were giddy as we ate the soggy oreo's, but we got a little sentimental as we talked about Reagen being old enough to be in school all day. How Mike will miss meeting her at the bus stop at noon and spending a couple of hours with her before the other kids got home. How Dal has gotten so tall and changed so much in the last few months.  How Michaela didn't buy one shirt from the boy's department this year (we're making progress). We talked about how fast they are growing up and how they'll be gone before we know it. It all rushed back to me as I walked down the hallway back to my car. A tear may have been shed, but I wiped it away quickly before the janitor saw me.

After all that excitement, I went home and did what any other sensible mom would do...finished off the oreo's.

Reagen in Mrs. Jenning's 1st Grade class.
So excited for school to start, she's doing the happy dance.

Back to school sisterly lovin'.

Dal wasn't in the dancing mood.
Look mom, no boy shirts! We're still working on the shorts 
and shoes, but you've gotta start somewhere.
Shake your bootie!

Not sure what this pose is.


Chris & Chelsea Lewis said...

Any progress is progress, right?!

Love these pictures. Is it wierd that I don't EVER remember being that excited to go to back to school? :) But if you asked me now? I'd rather be in school than working! HA! My parents always said that and I never believed them, but now I agree!

keysha said...

Love it...and I can relate. I too, wrote Ian's bus number on his hand before he left this morning. And I may have shed some tears...but what mom wouldn't at a time such as this? I'm proud of Michaela....she's a beautiful girl and one day she's gonna wake up and realize that and then you and Mike are going to be in serious trouble!!

The Ravsten's said...

Thanks for the awesome post. I loved it. So poetic! Kedzie starts pre-school in two weeks, so that'll be a big transition for us. One of many to come. Such adventures.

Adrian said...

such a cute post. Your kids are changing so much. Esp. Dal. He looks so old. Love all your new pictures too. So cute.

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Way cute post! Dal is sooo tall. It seems like forever since we've seen you guys.

We'll be in G-Ville Friday night and possibly some of Sunday. We have a wedding in Bear Lake, so we'll be stopping on the way up and back.

snakeriverwalton said...

i think I'll go open a package of my own.

Heather Kimber said...

Oh Gail you crack me up! It's good to know I'm not alone in my feelings about back to school!

Chelsea Lewis said...

Well, seeing as there hasn't been a new blog post since school started. How will I ever know how the kids are doing in school and what they are going to be for Halloween? LOL