Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

Since I've last blogged, a few sporting events have come...and gone. Dal played his last year of little league football. It was sad to see this part of his life come to an end. It's been fun to watch this group of boys grow up together and to learn to win and lose together.
Michaela's soccer team moved up a division after finishing in the top two during Spring season. This was their toughest season. They've always had an easy time winning and it was hard to see them start the first half of the season with more losses than wins. It also made them grow and work harder and they ended the 2nd half of the season with some exciting wins that kept them in this division. I love watching this girl play.
Reagen wanted to play soccer again and surprised us by her speed (when she felt like it).
She's also doing gymnastics and loves it. She practices her handstands over and over at home. Usually in front of the tv when we are trying to watch it, but at least she's practicing.


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

That was some fun catching up! Dal has changed a ton over the last year! He makes me feel like we haven't been up there forever!

Looks like your fall turned out fabulous! See you for Christmas!

Ryan and Angie Dana Family said...

Don't worry Gail, you'll wake up tomorrow and next football season will be here! That how I feel every year, at least. It's going to be exciting watching little Dal play the "big-boy" football next year!

Bonnie said...

It's amazing how the last six years of little league football has flown past so quickly! I agree with Ryan, it will be tomorrow when our boys start playing the "big-boy" football games!