Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just you and me, babe.

Me and this little girl are on our own for the next several days. Mike, Dal, and Kayla headed out yesterday morning to drive to Detroit, MI for the Junior Olympics. They made it to Omaha, NE late last night and are on the road again today for over 10 hours. It is a 24 hour drive one way and I am so proud of them for still wanting to go even though they had to drive. They went out door to door and made over $300 by selling pizzas to help pay for the trip. Their good friends Taylor and Noah went with them on two of the days and the girls had a little competition with the boys. The girls kicked some butt...who can say no to two little blondies. I was impressed with how hard they worked at this and they still want to come home and sell more. 

I knew Reagen wouldn't be able to handle the drive (and honestly, I don't think I could have, either) so we decided to miss this tournament. So what are two girls to do when they have several days alone??? Well, first we cleaned the house big time...well one girl did that and the other one played on the computer, watched a movie, and played with the cat.
After all that boring stuff was done, we went horse back riding...
Yes, Reagen may have been bigger than this poor little horse that she picked to ride.
And then we fed the ducks...
You have to be really sneaky to get close to ducks.
If you are sneaky enough, you may get to pat one on the head.

And then the only way to finish off a big day like that is to eat ice cream.
Today we are going to go swimming and then go to the little Miss Grantsville Pageant. I'm not taking my camera to the pool so you'll just have to imagine what we look like there...wait, on second thought, just imagine what Reagen looks like at the pool.  Leave me out of that imagaination, it's not pretty!


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

How fun that you guys got some one on one time! I can't get over her big blue eyes! Look at them in that picture of her eating icecream... crazy beautiful!

We are for sure missing G-Ville this weekend. St. George is just not as fun as Grantsville on the 4th! Hope you guys have a fun 4th with the family!