Thursday, July 31, 2008

Remember these rules when you are 16.

Football practice started this week and Reagen has been begging to go every night. I haven't felt like spending my whole night at practice (much more productive to spend it on the couch eating, right?) so I've avoided it so far. Last night as soon as she realized that Michaela had gone with Mike and Dal to practice, she started sobbing because she knew her little friend Ian would be there and she wanted to play with him. I stalled as long as I could and then drove her down. I thought I better talk to her before we got there because last year she loved to tease Dallon's friends after practice. I asked her if she remembered the football rules (we don't have football rules, but thought she might behave if she knew that there were rules involved). Yep, she said. Don't act silly and no messin' with the boys.

Good rules! I hope she remembers these rules when she's about 16ish.


snakeriverwalton said...

I think at 16 it changes to 'do act silly and mess with the boys'.