Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I just took the post about the slide/play center down because it sold. I had three women racing to see who could get to my house first from Herriman, Lehi, and Draper. All I can figure is that there must be a shortable of kids play equipment in this area. That totally stressed me out because they all wanted it and I had to tell two of them that it had been sold and they thought if they got out there before the other person, I would give it to them. I should have posted it here first because my cute niece Angie wanted it, too, but emailed me after the lady from Lehi had already left her house to come and get it. Sorry, Ang. :)


Adrian/Randy said...

Gail...dont you know that plastic play yard toys are like mommy crack. I swear it's impossible to get your hands on them...unless of course, your willing to pay 2 months worth of mortgage to Toys R Us for a new set.