Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thirteen years ago today...

Mike and I dodged pedestrians on North Temple that were going to the state fair to get to the hospital to have this little dude. My contractions were two minutes apart and I told Mike just to run them all over or he'd be delivering Dallon in the back seat of our car.

  1. He has an amazing memory and remembers facts out of books, things he's heard on tv, or things that people have said.
  2. When he was little, he loved to watch infomercials. He also loved to watch the history channel.
  3. Women would pay big bucks for his long eye lashes. Man if I could just have half the lashes that boy has.
  4. He is super smart in math and science.
  5. He is very generous. If he has earned money, he buys everyone a treat with it.
  6. Since he was little, he's loved to get into small spaces. If he came up missing, we would usually find him hidden under the cabinets or in the entertainment center cupboard.
  7. He will not go without a shirt. It took him until he was 10 or 11 to even swim without a t-shirt on. As a baby, he wouldn't let me even hold him if I had a tank top on because my arms were bare. Weird!
  8. He loves super sour stuff. (I craved lemon heads the whole time I was prego with him.)
  9. He has a huge baby toe nail. Not long, just a big nail.
  10. For the first four years of his life, he called his cousin Kristin, Dot Dot.
  11. He hates to talk on the phone.
  12. He's always been an early riser. I'm hoping the teenage years change that and he starts sleeping in a little.
  13. He does a really good impression of Napoleon Dynamite.
Dallon had to hunt for his birthday present when he woke up this morning and then he got the good ol' birthday spankings. This is one of those stupid traditions that just doesn't go away in our house. These are Dal's legs, but I really couldn't tell you where the rest of him went.
Oh, there he is.

Happy Birthday, bud!


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Happy Bday Dallon! I can't believe you are a teenager now! Can't wait to see you guys! Hopefully we will be able to make it up before Thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Dal! I hope you had a great b-day. Sorry we weren't there to partipant in the spanking...we would have loved it :) I'll see you guys next week for Nana birthday. We need to make sure that we give here a spanking...maybe not as many as she is :0

Love you guys

Mecham's said...

Happy birthday are such a great kid..inside and out. You are a great example to so many kids. Thanks for just being you....We love you!