Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A little recap since I've had a hard time remembering how to type lately. 

This is Dallon in the red helmet fighting Mexico.

Three of our team members and one little sister.
I took these just to show some of the countries represented. Australia had a huge team and we met a nice Australian boy and I loved hearing him talk.
A couple team members from China.
The hung flags from all of the countries represented.
Kayla, Dal and Josh on the way back from making a snack run to the van.
If you look past the unhappy looking dude in front, you'll see a very happy coach throwing Kayla up in the air after she won her final match.
Random pic of Reagen with the cat that's not allowed in the house, let alone in her bed.


Chris & Chelsea Lewis said...

This is awesome! Love the random-ness of this post. Love the cat. And Reagen's face is priceless, like "Duh Mom, just let her be in my bed." LOL

snakeriverwalton said...

good to hear from you again. I'm glad your daughter wants to be a garbageman. When Jard was little, he was convinced Jesus was our garbgeman, b/c he had a beard.

keysha said...

Love it all...especially love that Reag is considering a career in garbage disposal. Remind her of that when she's 16!! Miss you guys!

Adrian said...

Cool kids you have! Congrats on gold medal winners and garbage aspirations!! I miss you. Lets play soon!!