Saturday, February 7, 2009


My girls will not be leaving the country on their own, or with girlfriends, or even parental chauffeurs

Not when they are in high school, not when they are in college, maybe not even when they are forty. 

Not to Europe, not to Paris, and probably not even Mexico.

Well, maybe if Mike becomes a super secret agent with sweet killing skills like Liam Neason, but probably not.  Mike and I saw the movie "Taken" and it totally freaked me out. I don't even want to leave the country and who would steal me? It was a very good, action packed, nail biting movie, but it makes you think twice about sending your young American daughters out of the country. I might not even let Dallon leave the country because I think he's kinda pretty in a manly way. Have you seen his eyelashes?


Adrian said...

your post could be a dr. suess story. I will not eat green eggs and ham! I have to see this movie now....esp if it will make me a paranoid, nervous mother. I need more of that!! It does sound good though and I haven't seen a good movie for a long time. I seem to just see the flops.

snakeriverwalton said...

it sounds like I shouldn't see this movie until after my trip to Central America, huh?

Trent and Richelle said...

Holy cow, Trent and I saw it this weekend and we will not be letting Tiegan out of the country. Ever. So hopefully his mission call is state-side. Seriously, my heart was beating SO fast during the entire movie. It was great.

keysha said...

Dallon DOES have nice lashes..... Now I'm going to have to get this movie coming on Netflix!!!