Tuesday, April 22, 2008

36 things i know at 36

So, I'm a few weeks late, but that's the way I seem to roll lately. I guess it comes with the age...ha! You'd think I'd have some really wise advise for everyone.  This isn't all that wise, but I do have a list of 36 things I've learned over the last 36 years.

1. It's ok to say no sometimes.

2. Chocolate is a food group.

3. Your kids are the only people that can drive you absolutely bezerko-nuts on a daily basis and you still love them to death.

4. Just because you didn't have allergies when you were little, doesn't mean you won't get them now.

5. Life is not fair.

6. The good do die young.

7. Try and pay someone a compliment every day.

8. Mean people suck.

9. The more you stress about weight, the more you'll weigh.

10. Let your kids have a pet.

11. Write thank you notes.

12. Some friends will be life long friends, even if you don't see them often.

13. It's ok if your kids clothes don't always match when they dress themselves. (this is a hard one)

14. Eat more fiber.

15. The laundry, dishes, mopping....will wait.

16. Be thankful for what you have.

17. Try not to gossip...so much.

18. Reading a bedtime story is one of the best things you can do for your kids.

19. Don't take a bad day at work out on your husband.

20. I have a LOT of room to grow spiritually.

21. I wouldn't switch lives with anyone.

22. Men are not very observant (refer to bang story)

23. Stretchy jeans are one of the best things ever invented.

24. Don't wish your time away.

25. What comes around, goes around. (I didn't have to watch My Name is Earl to learn this)

26. What sounds really lovely and eloquent in my head usually doesn't come out that way when I try to say it.

27. Try not to cough while eating carrots because they end up in your sinuses.

28. Tivo is the 2nd best thing ever invented.

29. When a sick child makes a funny sound when you are holding them, they are probably going to throw up on you.

30. Don't always act your age.

31. If your husband cleans toilets and does most of the cooking, he's a pretty good husband.

32. If you want an honest answer about how you look, ask a four year old.

33. Read something besides magazines.

34. Chapstick in someones pocket usually makes it through the washer, but the dryer is a different story.

35. If you get mad at someone for spilling a glass of milk, you'll be the next one to spill something.

36. Don't flush the toilet while Mike's in the shower.

Now you have to tell me something you've learned from livin' the life.
Oh, and a random picture because I feel like every post needs a pic.


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Tivo is for sure one of the best inventions ever! Very cute list! Hopefully I'll be that knowledgeable by 36!

Adrian & Randy said...

What a great post. Can I print it out and hang it on my fridge? Love it!

snakeriverwalton said...

okay- I have some for the list- but they are still works in progress--
1. Trying to be on time to everything just makes your kids and husband feel pressured and unappreciated (but I still can't help it).
2. Let your kids assign themselves their own punishment when they deserve some- they're much better at helping enforce it.