Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Call Me Crazy

Yeah, you can call us crazy...like we don't already have enough on our plate, why not pick up another sport??? Tonight Michaela had her first softball game ever. She's our little stud soccer player and hasn't wanted to play softball until this year. Larry told her to come try it out and he'd let her juggle soccer along with softball and TKD. I could tell she was a little nervous just by the look on her face in the dugout. She was paying close attention to what everyone was doing, studying the game. She got up to bat and ticked it about 4 times and ended up striking out. I could see she was pretty disappointed. Her team took the field and she played short stop. We weren't expecting too much because she wasn't even sure of what she was supposed to do with only one practice under her belt. A couple of girls got on base and then finally a grounder was hit to her. She swooped it up in her mitt and shot it like an arrow to the catcher and got the runner out at home. We were amazed. Who taught her that move?  A few innings later, she ran out to left field to intercept a catch from the third baseman and then flung it into home plate. Again, right on target. The next time she got up to bat, she hit it right up the first base line and got on base.  She stole her way to third base and then scored when her teammate got a hit. It was really fun watching her, even though it felt about 30 below with the wind chill. Here's a few pics. This first one is of Kayla's biggest fan.  The rest are pretty self explanatory.


Susan said...

Someday this girl will be an Olympian (and probably at multiple sports)!

amywhoever said...

hay that girl is good