Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let the fun begin

Spring soccer has begun! Two girls in my house are very happy. Reagen had her first game last night. Here's a few pics so that you too can catch the soccer spirit.

Yes, that is Reagen's team huddled up in red discussing the game plan... and yes, that is Reagen running from the team with a big smile on her face, probably just showing everyone how fast she can run.

She finally gets some action and connects with the ball...

Of course she has nothing on the little guy with the cool glasses and the sweet dance moves. Check him out.  The ball isn't even in play, imagine what he'll do when they blow the whistle.

Here's a couple pics of Kayla from today. It was her second game. They are all 9 & 10 year olds, but they are playing in the U12 division because they have done so well and haven't had much competition in the past years. These kids play so well together and are all good buddies. 


amywhoever said...

Hi Gail, let me know when the games are. I would love to see Kayla play softball and Reagen Soccer. They are all three so good and anything they do!

snakeriverwalton said...

it is not warm enough for soccer yet!

Susan said...

Your pictures compare with the Pioneer Woman - you are a great photographer! (I love your kids - what little atheletes they all are!) My favorite picture of all was the one you caught of the dance moves. Priceless!