Sunday, August 15, 2010


My cute baby girl turned seven a few weeks ago. I really shouldn't call her my baby girl, but she always will be. She's my little sweetheart and it's hard to see her grow up. She's a little social butterfly and thinks she needs to play with friends every day. She figures she should be allowed to do anything Dallon and Michaela do. She loves to draw and go to nana's house to eat ice cream. She gets away with more than she should and she's a mama's girl. She's been known to give her dad some lovin' when I'm not around, though.
She was so excited for her birthday.
She got to have a friend party at Ken's Gymnastics. They had a bounce house, obstacle course, balance beams, and lots of other fun stuff, but the big hit was the foam pit.

Yeah for birthdays!


Adrian said...

She's such a cutie. What a party...lucky girl!! And a 7 year old would be so jealous!!