Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fun with fake poo.

Maybe we just have really simple minds and are amused by the stupidest things, but we sure had a good time with a fake poo that I borrowed from my friend Penney at work. I took it home and laid it on the toilet seat with a little piece of ripped toilet paper (to make it look more authentic). It took forever before someone went in there, and that lucky someone was Mike. I hear him yell, what in the he** is that? I played all innocent and was like, what are you talking about? Dal and Reag came running in behind me to check it out and we all started laughing when we looked at it. It was this big old terd on the seat. I asked Dallon if he did it and he says all disgusted, NO! So I asked Reagen and she said, I didn't do it, with great big eyes, so I blamed Michaela because she was at soccer practice. I walked over to it like I was examining it real close and grabbed it and threw it at Dallon. He about jumped into the tub. Mike knew as soon as I touched it without rubber gloves and a half a roll of toilet paper that it must not be real. We all laughed until we cried (remember, simple things for simple minds).

Of course, the fun couldn't end there. Mike took it over to his mom's, poor nana is in her 80's and he thinks it's just great to play practical jokes on her. He laid it on her floor and then called her back and asked her if she was losing her mind. She was so upset that she was going to stay home from her Elderly Singles Activity at the church that night. Mike finally told her that it was fake and all was fine again.

Michalea missed out on all of the fun and so we had to put it in her bed for her to find that night...good times.


Adrian & Randy said...

oh, thats great. I need to get me some fake poo too!!! Wish you were brave enough to post a picture of the toilet scene!! Maybe it's better this way.

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Oh poor Nana! Mean Mike! You should have gone over and put it at Debbie's! Now that would have been funny!

Too funny though!

snakeriverwalton said...

I need some fake poo too. ooh, I made a rhyme!

Ryan and Angie Dana Family said...

Thank you for sharing your simple things with other simple minds like me! I seriously almost split my pregnant side laughing just now :)

Susan said...

Can I borrow Penney's poo? You are too much!