Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all you mothers have a wonderful day full of obedient children, no dishes to wash, and possibly some chocolate. All of you are great examples to me whether you have young kids, old kids, a baby in the belly, or just nieces and nephews. I watch your excitement to be a mom or the relationship you have with the children around you and I learn from all of you.

I also want to pay tribute to my mom today. In the short 15 years that I got to spend with my mom, she taught me valuable lessons about life, unconditional love, and courage. I treasure the moments I had with mom that at the time seemed like little everyday things...helping her grocery shop every Thursday while Amy had piano lessons, running to 7-11 to get a big gulp and nachos, laying in bed watching tv with her. These are some of my favorite memories.

It's taught me that it's not the fancy vacations or the expensive shoes that your kids will remember, it's just the simple things like playing in the yard, reading stories, Sunday dinners, and bedtime kisses that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. I realize how precious and sometimes short the time we have here is. I think it makes me try a little harder to be a good mom. I try to be grateful for all the diapers I've changed, for all the little bums I've wiped, for the hours spent in the car driving kids where they need to go, for the sleepless nights washing sheets that have been puked on, for the little hand prints all over every window in the car, and for all the scraped knees I've got to bandage over the years. These are the things that someday we all will miss.

Enjoy your day! Love you all.


Michelle said...

You are such a great example to me. I am so greatful that you are part of our family. Have a great Mothers day

Love ya!

Amywhoever said...

Hope you had a good Mothers Day Gail. You left out going to the corner gas station and getting bridge mix on sundays :-). I know Mom is very proud of you and Jana and Les for being such good parents. I guess me too for spoiling Rascall and Earl :-).

Adrian & Randy said...

Thank you. Made me cry. I am grateful for your example and think your a terrific mother and even better friend!!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Dang cute post! Happy belated Mothers Day!! hehe :)

snakeriverwalton said...

You're a great mom too. sniff, sniff, I loved your post.