Sunday, May 4, 2008

I've been tagged by Ade..

20 Things I Love Right Now...

1. Sleeping in on the weekends.
2. Cocoa Pebbles, I crave them all the time.
3. Watching Reagen dance during the commercials of Dancing with the Stars...hilarious.
4. Sunsilk anti-flat shampoo. Had a buy one get one free coupon, tried it, love it.
5. Olive Garden bread sticks and alfredo sauce. 
6. Having no where to be and nothing to do.
7. Going for a walk.
8. Blogging, way funner than I imagined.
9. Shopping for baby clothes (for family, not for me).
10. Going to lunch with Mike.
11. Getting to hang out with my friends yesterday.
12. Watching Office. (had to steal this one from Susan)
13. Painted toe nails. (only fair to steal one from Ade, too)
14. Sitting around in the yard when it decides to be a nice day.
15. Finding all 3 kids playing together. Rare, but nice.
16. Homemade cards from my kids.
17. Finding a killer deal.
18. Watching Michaela teach Reagen some of her soccer moves.
19. Spending time with family.
20. Any type of organization product.

I tag anyone that hasn't given us their list of 20 things. Come on, get on it!


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Loving this post! Thanks again for the baby gift yesterday! Nathan is going to be dressed dang good!

snakeriverwalton said...

wow- a blanket tag to all who read. That is heady stuff. I'll work on it when the hamper is empty-- yah, right. yesterday was so fun- we need to do that more often.

Adrian & Randy said...

mmmm...olive garden. I want some salad and breadsticks. Good to see you saturday!!

Michelle said...

1. Leaving on vacation tomorrow (Florida here we come)!
2. Having my kids come and visit me
3. Watching 30 Rock
4. Exercising...i'm on the right track finally!
5. Hanging out with Korlin
6. Having a great job
7. Loving this blog!
8. A clean house...I just got through cleaning all of the bathrooms
9. My 5 year old primay class...their so funny
10. Eating Wheat Thins
11. My new levis
12. My has over 185,000 miles on it but I love it!
13. My family...their awesome!
14. My ipod...I love that I can put the songs I love on it.
15. Spending a little time by right now!
16. Pedicures...I love love love them!
17. The gym at my work...makes my workouts possible!
18. I love my bed....KING SIZE!
19. Miracles...they DO happen!
20. I love my life....