Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long Catch Up Post

It's kind of sad that we will never have another preschooler. Mike and I are both feeling a little sentimental about it, but not quite enough to make us want to have another baby. You just realize with your youngest that it's that last time you'll experience all of this fun stuff. We know with the blink of an eye, they'll all be grown up and doing their own thing so we are trying to enjoy everything that they are involved in now.

Spring has been busy with softball and soccer for Michaela. Soccer just ended and her team is going to play in a comp league in the fall. We are really excited about that (not sure how we'll fit it all in, but it always seems to work out). They are nine and ten year olds and they played in the twelve year old division and still went undefeated this season. They are so fun to watch because they know each other so well. They usually make sure everyone on the team gets to score. They are all really good kids and good friends.

Softball is coming to an end this week.  It's been a great learning experience for Michalea. I'm sure she'll play softball again in the future, but I'm not so sure she'll ever do the cheers and chants that the girls on the team do. It was funny watching her watch the other girls. She looked at them like they were crazy when they were screaming their little guts out.

Part of what makes softball so fun is the ballpark treats!

Dallon has been training really hard in TKD. We just got home yesterday from the Young In Cheon Tournament in City of Industry, CA. It is a really fun tournament that is outside under a big horse arena pavilion. It's up on a hill surrounded by trees. We stayed at a hotel on the same hill and got a really good deal through the tournament. Both Dal and Kayla fought two fights. Kayla pointed out (if you get ahead by 7 points they end the fight) the first girl and then had a better match with the second girl. She ended up losing by two points. It was hard for her to lose but also good because it got her fired up to train hard for the Jr. Olympics in July. 

Dallon fought great. He got rocked by a hook kick to the head by the first kid, but we saw him give Will a grin and we knew he was ok. He ended up  beating the kid. The second kid was 138 lbs. compared to Dallon's skelator 90 lbs. and Dallon pointed him out in 43 seconds. Their teammates did really well, too. I think everyone medaled.  A lot of us went out to eat after, it's kind of a tradition after big tournaments. It's like a big TKD family! 

We were there from 9:30 in the morning until 9:00 at night. Reagen is such a trooper and keeps herself busy during these tournaments. She enjoyed some roasted corn on the cob and caramel corn. I guess we sit a long time and eat a lot...not a great combo. We've been dragging Reagen around to all of these tournaments ever since she was born and she is always so good. It won't be long before we are watching her compete. We drove to CA, which took around 10 hours and she was so good in the car, too. I think she does better than me. 
On the way home, we stopped in St. George and Chad and Ash were kind enough to let us take over their basement. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins and hunting lizards. Steve and Deb were staying with Scott and Pam so they came over along with Ryan and Angie and we had fun visiting with everyone and laughing over stupid stuff.

This pic is somewhere between Mesquite and St. George. I think this is the prettiest part of the drive. On the way down, Dal threw up right before this point. Fortunately, he made it into a WalMart bag because we coudn't pull over in time. When we did pull over and he got out the wind was blowing and it blew his slober across his face and gave us all a good laugh. He's such a good sport that he was even laughing. Poor boy.
Mike also discovered Red Bull on this trip. He was like a giddy school boy! He drank one each day that we were driving and couldn't beleive how good it made him feel, but since he hasn't had caffeine in almost a year, it played a mean trick on his stomach and he spent most of last night in the bathroom. Good thing it didn't hit sooner in the van or I'd have a really good poop story to tell everyone and you know how I love a good poop story!


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Your family seems WAY too busy!! hehe :) I'm so glad we got to see you guys! We'll have to find a time for you guys to come check out our new house next time you are down this way! I'm sad I never got to see Michaela play a soccer game! I'll for sure have to try to catch one this fall!

snakeriverwalton said...

Don't we all love a good poop story. Your kids are so cute. We may actually have to have a get together with our families sometime so I can actually meet them- maybe that's when we should book the tumblebus.

Keysha said...

I'm so happy for your kids! I thought of you guys all weekend and wondered how they did. I have to admit that reading your post made me sad... How did everyone else do? Tell the kids Congratulations!!!