Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jr. High Anxiety?

I have a kid in jr. high. That's crazy! I remember stupid things I did in jr. high and I'm so glad that Dallon is a good kid. I asked him the night before school started if he was nervous. He asked, "what is there to be nervous about?" Um...oh nothing, nothing at all. It will be great. I decided not to tell him about the reoccurring dream (nightmare) I still have about jr. high. The one where I'm wandering empty hallways and every one's in class except me because I've lost my schedule, I can't find my locker, and then when I do, I don't know the combo to the lock...and then I realize I'm naked. I wake up all nervous and thankful that those days are long gone. 

I remember not being able to sleep the night before the first day of school and then getting up and wearing new school clothes that were so dang hot because they were for Fall weather. Dallon's so laid back, that he wouldn't even care if he had new clothes. 

He enjoyed his first day and didn't even stress out about not knowing where he stuck his schedule after school. I have a feeling I'll be having some bad dreams tonight.


snakeriverwalton said...

Jared went to Jr High this morning too. He had a giant bag that had to weigh 25 pounds full of notebook paper- I don't know if he'll use it all through the entire year! I teared up and my girls thought I was faking it--wrong.

Keysha said...

Dang...what a cute kid. Thank goodness he's around to keep my kid calm!!
BTW-good choices on the school clothes!

Adrian/Randy said...

I can believe you have a jr.higher!