Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two More in School

Michaela started school last Thursday. She has a new male teacher, Mr. Larsen, who she loves, because they've already had a push-up contest and a race. That is more way important than what they are learning, right? She is in fifth grade and it's funny how you when you have kids in school, you remember back to when you were that age. Fifth grade was a fun year for me and I was a lot like Michaela at that age.
This is a big year for Reagen. She started kindergarten today. I took the day off so that I could enjoy the whole kindergarten experience. She had her check up last week and she weighs 48 lbs. and is 46.2" tall. That's in the 97th percentile on her height. She may end up being the basketball player in the family.  
She rode the bus home from school and there was a little chaos due to it being the first day of school so it took her almost a full hour to get home. Mike and I probably looked pretty foolish standing at the bus stop alone for a half an hour with the video camera and the regular camera waiting for her. The long ride home didn't dampen her spirits, but she was a little bugged that I made her wear levi's when it was so hot. She colored today and played on the playground and really liked Mrs. Dahle.
Because it was the first day of school, she wanted her hair done a way that she's never had it. This took some thought, but we went with the zig zag braid.


amywhoever said...

I can just picture you two standing there at the bus stop :-).
Reagen is growing up so much, she looks alot older than 5.

Keysha said...

Wow....so grown up! I'm sure the new earrings helped inspire the new hair-do for school. She's such a little lady.

Adrian/Randy said...

I am glad I'm not the only parent to be caught with a camcorder and a camera. All your kids in school now....Oh, and Izaak would be so jeoulous...he wishes he could ride the bus to school.

Susan said...

The zig-zag braid looks awesome! Cute pics.

Annika said...

She looks so cute! I have a friend who does a blog and shows all the cute hairdos she does for her little girl. It is http://www.cute2tryhairdos.blogspot.com/ It has some great ideas I have tried on the girls hair when I get in a rut. I haven't seen the zig zag braid yet. I will have to try it! Looks like a fun first day!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Dang your girls are cute! I can't believe school is back in already.