Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Of course that's where it is.

On Saturday, Reagen and I were driving into Salt Lake for Dallon's football game and I asked her where her missing DS (video game system like a gameboy) could be.  It's been gone for over a month and we've scoured the house and still haven't found it.

This is what she told me without even thinking about it. "It's in no mans land. It jumped on the magic flying blanket and flew there."

Well, no wonder we can't find it.  That explains where a lot of our missing stuff is.


Anonymous said...

So that's what has happened to all of my missing things....I think that is where my million dollars ended up too....that sucks!

Adrian said...

what a darling picture! We have lots there too...if you ever get there, (on the magic blanket) I'll send our list with you.

keysha said...

You gotta love Reagen!! And she looks so darn cute in that picture! She gets more girlie every day.

Heather said...

when Colby lost his we went through the same searching, and then out of the blue ran to the bookcase pulled out some books and there it was, in that special place were he put it!! It will show up. Im glad to here its not just us! Good Luck