Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week in the Life - Day Five

Lots of pics on this one. If you'd like to see it larger, just click on it.

Tuesday, October 14th:

1. Up at 5:00 for work and this is the only little face I see in the morning before I get to work. He looks as tired as I feel. 2. Mindy has Halloween candy out on her desk. This is not good for someone with absolutely no willpower. 3. Try and drink lots of this during the day because for some reason when I'm home, I forget that I need water. 4. The only problem with drinking lots of water is that it leads to lots of trips here and I HATE public restrooms. 5. Work on my least favorite account for most of the day. Major spreadsheet and major headache. 6. On the road home. I spend approximately 4 hours a week on the road. **disclaimer - I would not recommend taking pictures while driving, but for some reason I took a lot today. 7. I think this rock would be a cool place to come and take pictures, but I've never done it. 8. Bored in the car so more pictures. 9. The exit I take everyday. I've been making this drive for over eleven years and sometimes I don't even remember driving home.  10. Welcome to Grantsville. 11. Check the mail. I love to get magazines, not so much love for the bills. 12. Check homework. 13. I got home right as Mike and Dal were walking out the door for football, but Mike had this yummy hamburger ready for me. I wolfed it right down. Michaela stayed after school to play soccer with her friends. 14. Reagen drew me a lovely picture. 15. Michaela home and I made myself go for a walk and when I downloaded these pictures, I realized that I don't exercise as much as I thought I did...hmm. Michaela watches Reagen while I'm gone. 16. Reagen wants to be a vampire for Halloween, no a witch, no a vampire...look through the Halloween costumes. When Mike and Dal get home, we all watch one our fav shows, Heroes. Then the nightly ritual of telling everyone to get ready for bed 10 times before they actually do it.


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

I am loving these posts! It is so fun to see what you guys do every day!

snakeriverwalton said...

It only takes you 10 times of asking to get your kids to bed? You are lucky!

keysha said...

I love your life....and I can appreciate all your pictures in the car. There were so many times as I sat down to write down my day I realized the majority of my life is truly spent at my desk, or in the stupid car.