Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week in the Life - Day Two

I told my friend Keysha she had to to this little project with me and she is totally kicking by booty at getting her pics posted and her story told. I can't let her get too far ahead of me and Sunday is one day that I'm not running around like a chicken with it's head cut off so here we go again.

Everyone up and going soon after. Mike gave Reagen this hat yesterday and I think she may have slept in it. She wants to wear it everywhere. No soccer for Michaela today and we found out Reagen's game in Dugway was cancelled due to the weather. She was bummed out because she was going to ride with her coach to the game.
Once a day, every day...sometimes twice a day. I'm so glad the kids are old enough to help load and unload. I wish my OCD wouldn't make me reconfigure everything when they are done. 
Before we head off to football at Deseret Peak, I jump on the computer and Reagen colors me a picture. She won't allow me to peek at it until she is all the way done. Total hat weather for both of us. It's breezy and wet.
Even colder at the game. The wind is really whipping. I am sporting a sweater, my coat, baseball hat, and then a yellow rain slicker with the hood cinched tight enough that my eyes and nose are the only things showing. I am really looking like a hottie. Reagen stayed with Amy and Michaela went to TKD. We beat Tooele 42-0. They are our long time nemesis...and the Tooele coaches are really mean, screaming people so it was good to beat them again.
Right after the game, Dal and I went to WalMart for groceries. I usually don't like to grocery shop on Saturday and now I remember why. We are both starving so we split a foot long from Subway. It was nice to have just a few minutes to sit and visit with Dal alone.
$188.00 later and I'm sure in two days, everyone will be saying, "we don't have anything to eat."
Here's the church and this is the steeple...I had to do this with Reagen about 20 times this afternoon. I think I finally distracted her with some candy or something.
Noticed this today (bottom right corner). Who knows how long it's been here, but I consider it evidence that a five year old obsessed with stuffed animals lives here and decorates even my room with them. A lot of days I open the refrigerator and find a stuffed crocodile looking me in the eye.
One tired girl and her bestest friend. It's been a long, cold Saturday and so we all  just lounged around for a while. Mike went to Bountiful to watch their game against Olympus and got home around 6:00.
Mike lost his sunglasses today (this is pretty much a daily occurrence, but today he lost them really good).  Guess who found them out in the shed? Reagen!  When she found them, she came in really proud of herself and had to call Mike right away and let him know that he owed her a frozen yogurt from Maverick. I helped her think of that because it sure sounded good. After the cold yogurt, we were all ready for a nice warm bed.


Chris & Chelsea Lewis said...

I am completely obsessed with this idea now. I can't wait to do mine, maybe I should do not only an average week in the life once life is back to normal for me, but maybe I should document completely (!) our moving extravaganza! :) A day by day of what we do with lots of pictures. I like this because it gives me a good excuse to take lots of pictures... now I just need a cool camera like Gail! Just so you know, Chris hates that you brought your camera and I got to see it. That's all he hears about now "Gail's Camera".

Heather said...

Hi Gail I was just spending my sunday afternoon blog stalking and found you on Keyshas I hope you don't mind it is fun to see what you are up to. If you don't mind I will add you to my friends feel free to do the same. Hope I see ya soon,

Heather said...

Duh maybe I should tell you how to find me...

Fleur de Bee said...

LOVE reading about your days! Giggling at the stuffed animals being left in the fridge! I find them everywhere in our house too, especially the pantry! Actually I have found the MILK on the pantry one time haha!

You look stunning, even in your hat!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with the world!!

xo Molly

Keysha said...

I decided I need to take more pictures...I love how yours is turning out. It's amazing that as well as I think I know you feels I'm getting a personal tour of your life. I am loving this idea more and more each day. Thanks for making the challenge.

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

So, after your two posts you have made me feel like maybe I can do this. I was a little overwhelmed with the assignment after I saw your friends blog. I might just give it a try now.