Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week in the Life - Day Six

Wednesday, October 15th:

Arrive at work at 5:42 am. Oh Joy! I tell myself I am halfway through the week.  I can make it.
I start the day with a fairly healthy breakfast and I only go down hill from there. (don't know why this is underlining)

I'm a list maker. I usually have a list in my pocket and I'm always adding to it or crossing something off. It helps me feel in control. This week I have quite a list.

This is my wall of fame (and why I work).  I am faced with tough decisions all day or chocolate.
This is what I usually see when I get home. Either backpacks or sports gear in the rocking chair.

I get home in time to change and then run to Reagen's soccer game. She has treats and of course I forgot about it until now so we have to make a couple of stops.

She runs fast and plays hard, but really enjoys the time on the sidelines comparing water bottles with her teammate.
Rush home from soccer and make visiting teaching treats for tomorrow. I think we sat and watched the end of Biggest Loser after that and then headed to bed.


keysha said...

I love the shot of the time clock!! Very profound....

Love the idea for visiting teaching treats. How did you package them up for delivery?

Heather said...

Way cute!! I think I will steal this idea for my halloween party!

Adrian said...

cute cookies. great idea. I cant wait to do my own week in the life. I keep putting it off.

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Man I thought I had it rough having a baby that gets up between five and six. But, you have to be up, ready, and drive to work that time. I at least get to lay around on my couch and play with Nathan.

Anonymous said...

Would you quit being so creative? You make the rest of us look bad!!! Love and miss you!

You sis in-law